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When I joined at St. Antony's family as an BT Assistant (Maths), in 2008, I was a fresh post graduate with no experience. I can never forget the encouragement, cooperation and the opportunities that the management had provided me to grow. Though I am relieved from St. Antony's family on 12th August 2012, I keep at heart the sisters of charity especially Sr. Romana Varkey, Sr. Celin Stanislaus, Sr. Antony Mary and Sr. Rosary Benevanture who always motivated me to learn new things and have shown faith and confidence in me by giving me new responsibilities and have supported me in all my endeavours.
Apart from education, this community is actively involved in the upliftment of downtrodden, providing health care and counseling.
They also focus their attention on:
* Service to the Old Age Home.
* Faith formation of the families through various pastoral activities.
* Human Promotion activities and service to the most needy relevant to the time and need.
Here I have learnt the values of life which keep me in this respectable position. I wish the Sisters of Charity all success for the growth and progress of the good work that is being done by them in all Institutions they run and assure them of my best assistance in whatever possible way.
R. Kulandai Yesu, General Administrator,
Indian Institute of Management (IIMT),
Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu.

(National Consumer & People Protection)
International Movement
Member: Tiruverambur Taluk
Without Medicine Cure all the disease: The art of self treatment is also here.
Dr. Kulandai Yesu M.Sc., B.Ed., MD(Acu)
Kattur, Trichy – 620 019.

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A glimpse into the past rejuvenating the present "My experience with the sisters of Charity of Saints Bartolomea and Vinzenca Gerosa of the Capitanio Convent". It gives me immense pleasure and I deem it a great privilege and opportunity to express my views and telecast my opinions on what I have experienced, cherished and shared with all the dear Rev. Sisters of the Capitanio Convent in Coimbatore. I am indeed happy to state that I was closely associated with the dear Sisters right from the inception of the convent. I must make a mention right from 1982 my association with them blossomed and bloomed into a reality which eventually became my second home – A home away from home and this could happen only because of the untiring efforts, co-operation, assistance and assurance meted out to me in moments of despair, financial inadequacy and most of all, they were ever ready, willing and able to render any help that was required by me- for which act of kindness I will ever remain indebted to them for life. My experience enhanced as I entered the portals of the "Spoken English Centre" in the year 2005, to be precise my whole life style changed because that was the year I retired as a teacher from Carmel Garden Mat. Hr. Sec. School, Coimbatore. The constant assistance, help, sincerity of loving, caring, counseling, guidance and spontaneous gestures helped me to be reassured and the happy disposition which gave me a reason to continue my close association not only with the less fortunate and the poor but for the society at large. The credit reaches out to none other than the dear Sisters of the Capitanio Convent, Coimbatore. I wish the ALL the BEST life can offer them with rich bountiful blessings from Christ our King and their patron Saints.

Miss Mary Anne D'souza
-President of the all India Anglo Indian Association Coimbatore Branch
-Mea friend – Lay collaborator of the Capitanio Convent.
-Vice president of YWCA – CBE Br.
-Diocese Representative of the Anglo Indian Community.

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I appreciate the Sisters of Charity of Saints Bartolomea Capitanio and Vincenza Gerosa of South East India Province for their value based service to the society at large especially for the poor and the down trodden. I have been in close collaboration with these sisters for last four years in the parish church of Christ the King, Coimbatore. I have come across quite a few congregations, well known for their service in the field of education and care of the aged etc... But the Sisters of Charity has really won my special admiration and appreciation, love and concern because of their simplicity, love for the poor and above all their keen and active interest in the pastoral field. We live in the same campus; they are at my beck and call for any pastoral service. Apart from running a Nursery School, Tailoring Institute and Computer Centre mostly for the poor, they do a lot of services in the parish, namely they go often for family visits, share their joys and pain, pray with them and break the Word of God to them. They facilitate the BCC meetings and guide them. They also are very keen in visiting the sick both at home and in hospitals. People are very happy to have them in the joyful events of the family as their own family members. They are always present for any sad situation in the families. Sunday Catechism for parish children is another field of their special concern. They help the people to take part actively and meaningfully in the Liturgy. For me it is really a fruitful experience to have the sisters of Charity in my parish, taking part in every pastoral and charitable activity in the parish. People love them and me too. I wish them all happiness in their ministry.

Fr. Guruswamy
Parish Priest
Christ the King Church
Coimbatore – 18.

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It was the finest and the rarest opportunity for me to work with and share the experiences with the Sisters of Charity at Pandalur. The golden period was 1992-1997. I am very much fortunate to have even now their friendship and patronage. The school team headed by Rev. Sr. Romana and the religious community headed by Sr. Doreen Chacko had been doing wonderful job for which they had been ordained and even more. The school which had the maximum strength of backward girls proved to be a challenge in the eyes of the public. The school has brought them successful in the field of education, sports, cultural activities, moral etc,. Only devoted Sisters can do this and they are doing without regret of the negative comments from the public. Only when the fruit of their labour came to public did they realize how wisely the Sisters had done their job despite various difficulties. They meet the poor families and share with them their sufferings, illness and poverty. The Sisters guide them the correct way-counsel them to act and behave better. They helped many people from their mite to build houses, to buy the essentials, nurse them to their level best. The Sisters have brought fear of God in them which resulted in their formation in faith. The Sisters taught them how to pray, how to speak with God and people and how to spend the time wisely and usefully and also how to spend and save money. The Sisters bring out the hidden talents from the girls and shape them and train them to the correct direction of purpose of life. The public were taken aback by these wonderful jobs. Their hard and unselfish work have brought the girl students to society as doctors, lawyers, teachers, police Inspectors, managers, superintendants etc,. I can very well witness to their faithfulness to duty, to their life of hope amidst discouraged situation, above all to their charity without dispar ity. I wish them to harvest more in future from the right field where they have sown the wonderful seeds of faith and hope.

Victor Sundaravadivelu. A,
Manager, South Indian Bank,
Orathi, Madurandhagam District.

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I, Fr. S. M. Antony Raj as the first Parish Priest of K. K. Patty from 1987 to 1994 and as a Pastor for the past 28 years in the Diocese of Thanjavur would like to narrate my ministerial experience with the Sisters of Charity of Sts .Bartolomea Capitanio and Vincenza Gerosa, popularly known as Bambina Sisters.

I searched for a women Religious congregation to work at K. K. Patty Parish which had not even the basic living facilities such as roads, water supply, electrical grids, telecommunications, market, hospitals and schools. Though many of the women religious visited the place they responded negatively but this particular Congregation which was introduced to me by Fr. Gnanadass, then Vocation Promoter at Deepam, Trichy, in the year 1989 opted to share with me to dedicate their life and ministry to work in that rural Parish.

Evangelization was their priority. They were happy to travel by foot and bullock-cart to the villages to announce the Good News mainly by their exemplary life and also through teaching them hymns, dramas and dance. Their daily house visit, weekly accompaniment with the Parish Priest for Liturgical preparation in the parish and substation even to prepare people for a good confession was excellent. Moreover the up-keeping of the Lord's House by the Sisters was praiseworthy.

Foundations of basic skill oriented education such as reading, writing and arithmetic was very poor in that surrounding area. So they started with non formal education both for children and grown up people. Growing one more step ahead the Sisters opened Jeevan Jyothi High School in 1992 and in 2007 upgraded it up to 12th std. It was Sr. Rosary Beneventure with the help of the PTA who worked hard to upgrade the school. The non-formal education was continued for some more years.
Social awareness was given to the people by the Sisters which really made the people to become aware of their own human resources, creativity and ability to achieve. Thus the people were motivated to form groups namely "Youth club", "Mahalir Mandram", "Grama sabha" etc. The formation of these organizations helped them to achieve the intended results.

The Sisters of charity of Sts. Bartholomea Capitanio and Vincenza Gerosa has left in me an indelible memory because of their dedicated selfless service. Good many of the Superior Generals, Provincials have visited this village and shown personal interest in the development of this village. Superiors specially Sr.Zina Varkey, Sr.Evelin, Sr.Arul, Sr.Vandhana are models and pillars who laid foundation to the local society of K. K. Patty parish and I personally appreciate their spirit of sacrifice in serving the people of God.

Fr. S. M. Antony Raj
The first parish priest, K.K.Patty,
Tanjore Diocese

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"I stepped in to this Fatima convent when I was 12 years old. Now I am 48 yrs old. So many sisters have come and gone through this institution. Every one loved me took care of me, showed me special love and concern. I forget my disability and live happily with the sisters. I am very grateful to God and to the sisters who are a great inspiration in my life. Here I learnt to pray, accept myself as I am, share with others and earn money for my future through the work which I learnt in the embroidery school. I teach the new comers what I have learnt. I am proud to say that these sisters are really uplifting the most needy of the society through their humble and simple service of Charity". May God bless all their endeavours.

Miss .Thankamma
A physically challenged woman's cherished memories with Sisters of Charity
at Fatima convent- Gudalur-Nilgiris.

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We are created by God and for God. The more and more we become aware of this, we grow in holiness. From my experience with the Sisters of Charity of Sts. Bartolomea Capitanio and Vincenza Gerosa, I can say that they are always aspiring to be aware of this in their life and ministry. Doing God's will is not easy as our human temperament always pushes us and pulls us back and front to be selfish. Even those who have devoted themselves to God become worldly getting interested in name and fame and expecting profit for what they do. Jesus says: "For if you love those who love you, what reward do you have?" (Mt 5:46). Sisters of Charity are known for their selfless service. Taking up new and challenging ministries is the sign that we believe God strongly. Believing God Abraham ventured to go to the new land where God called him (Gen 12:1) and Mary said " Let it be done to me" (Lk 1:38). With this attitude of faith, Sisters of charity venture in to the new ministries in unknown places. Though the congregation of the Sisters of Charity is international, the Sisters very well collaborate with the local church. They actively involved in the pastoral ministry and build up the people of God by their whole hearted service. We read in the Acts that the early Christians had everything in common. Today, in this modern world, through the individualistic attitude is very much creeping in, I notice a strong communitarian attitude in the Sisters. Being simple, humble and approachable are qualities of the disciples of Jesus. As the disciples, the Sisters live these qualities and serve the people of God effectively.

Rev. Fr. Jones Martins
Parish Priest of St. Antony's church , Nagarikathan,
Ramnad District, TN.

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Oh, dear sisters of Charity,
standing on the vast seashore of Arabian Sea,
I declare that, the history will judge you,
and as the years pass, you will ultimately judge yourself,
in the extent to which you have made use of your talents and gifts
to serve the down-trodden and marginalized of the society
with your ever-ceasing charity deeds to lighten their burden imposed
on them. Today, having personally experienced the love and warmth of
your congregation at Asha Sagar, Eraviputhenthurai
I tell you from the bottom of my heart,
on the Day of Judgment you will be proud of yourself,
the entire humanity will be proud of you
and above all God the Father will be proud of you,
for you never kept your hands away from the poor and needy,
which you thought is your prayer;
you never let the chance go off to show your love,
which you thought is your duty;
you never murmured at the time of trials and sorrows,
which you thought is your strength given by God.
I appreciate all the sisters of this congregation
for all the wonderful charity deeds
that you do to make this world better one.
Dear sisters, do it till your last breath,
and if you do so, it is hard to find a congregation like yours
that is deep rooted in the love of God and of neighbours.
Wish you all the best.
God bless you.

Fr. Tony Hamlet,
Parish Priest,